April Track Of The Month - Watch Me Fall

We are always ecstatic when we are able to elevate artists in their industry infancy, so we are of course delighted to be writing about 'PNTS's (PainNoTearsShed) debut single, 'Watch Me Fall', as our April 'Track Of The Month'.

In a world where people perceive an artist's level of talent as being dictated by their number of followers, many would overlook PNTS with his modest 112 Instagram 'fans', but not us. Whilst, to be transparent, we did not expect to hear the quality that we did when listening to 'Watch Me Fall', we have always been, and will always be here for under-appreciated lyricists.

The mentioned unexpected levels of artistry from 'Watch Me Fall' raised our mood with instant effect upon our first listen, and we knew at that very moment that PNTS has the potential to rise to the top.

'Watch Me Fall' itself showcases PNTS' brimming levels of versatility with a buttery smooth, memorable hook, followed by honourably hard, no-capping verses. We hate to make artist comparisons, as everyone is unique, and no one more so that PNTS, but to give you a rough idea of PNTS' style, we see similarities with Hardy Caprio. This is a monumental compliment.

With the referenced spectacular segments of 'Watch Me Fall' in mind, it would be easy to leave the subtle, deeper meaning of the song undigested; this is why we are here. With the war for equality still outrageously rife, righteous rappers are using their abilities to spread the message of the very real, worldwide issue of racial injustice - PNTS is one of those amazing, inspiring and conscious creators.

On the lead up to the last hook, PNTS harmonically delivers the below quotation:

"Tell me, when will it change, same book, there's a different page, get stopped for the colour my face, get stopped for the colour my face"

Whilst this immensely powerful, poignant, and hopefully change-inducing quote seems clear in word format, it is easily missed when vibing to the infectious 'Watch Me Fall' anthem; with this in mind, we felt it our duty to highlight such an important portion of the track.

Really and truly, if you want to support an underground artist with unlimited levels of potential, PNTS is your man. Start being part of his journey now by clicking here.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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