April Video Of The Month - Each Small Candle

Our final April award winner is 'Each Small Candle' by rap royalty, 'Kings Cvstle', who claim the DiSCOVERY 'Video Of The Month', and as a result have a crown firmly wedged upon their heads.

Kings Cvstle is a telepathically terrific duo made up of twin siblings, Peter and Daniel King; the umbilically created connection between the two is apparent to hear on all of Kings Cvstle's content, and poignantly, to see on the 'Each Small Candle' visuals.

Starting with the 'Each Small Candle' audio - the scene is set by an appropriately eerie and almost chilling instrumental which is complemented aptly by some truly outstanding, subdued, yet crisply delivered lyricism.

Throughout the engrossing verses a tear-inducing tale of two regular, day-to-day individuals following a dream with unwavering passion, commitment and drive is told. The tears start to roll down quivering cheeks when the listener learns that the reward for this hard work is "six days a week on feet" at work.

The warmth is temporarily radiated through the frost-bitten track when 'Dia Day' drops in with her mesmerising melodies to create a frankly special chorus - this leads us to believe that Dia Day's roll in this spectacle is the candle, metaphorically of course. She does an incredible job.

To quickly transition to the dissection of the 'Each Small Candle' video, to brand it a cinematic creation does not do it justice. The shots captured by 'Ryan Adagio' are as clean as the 'Each Small Candle' song itself, which is saying something. Most impressive is the artistic use of depth-of-field which perfectly puts emphasis on the frantically flickering candles. This is super powerful.

Really, it goes without saying, but the combination of a phenomenal song and video is truly something to behold; though this is not always something achieved by those who operate within the industry. It is one thing to have a top-of-the-range 4K camera, but it's another to capture a concept that perfectly portrays the mood and direction of the audio. on 'Each Small Candle' this is lucidly achieved.

With the above at the forefront of your mind, look no further, click here now to watch a real life movie - you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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