DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - 'Action'

Updated: Apr 27

Its 'lights, camera, action' on the DiSCOVERY week as South-London based lyricist 'Psychs' claims his first ever award on our platform. We present the DiSCOVERY 'Bronze Award' to Psychs in recognition of his latest track, the artistic masterpiece: 'Action'.

Released initially on YouTube just in excess of three weeks ago, 'Action' has clearly been spreadin' - it has already reached a strong legion of 16,000 viewers. For a video in the infancy of its release, and one that has been published on Psychs' personal channel, the quoted view count is incredibly impressive.

This said, an older track of Psychs' has accrued 1,400,000 views in just eight months, so we can't help but feel as if Psychs may be disheartened by the lack of numerical progression shown on 'Action'; this should not be the case. 'Action' is a clear step up from anything populating Psychs' current portfolio of content - from fascinatingly fluctuating flows to creative direction, every element is executed with flair and precision.

Whilst on the topic of 'flows', this is part of Psychs' arsenal that is invincible. Throughout the majority of the 'Action' anthem Psychs elects to enthral listeners with his skippy, technical flow; this approach, accompanied by the horn-heavy instrumental is super powerful. Our reservation with fast-paced flows is that sometimes they can sound a little too generic - when listening to 'Action', and Psychs in general, this is not the case. Psychs effortlessly differs delivery tempos creating a diverse listening experience.

Again, as we have planted the 'delivery' seed, it makes sense to expand on Psychs' powerful vocal projection. Many aspiring artists have a multitude of attributes required to be successful within the demanding music industry, but fall short when it comes to delivery - individuals who fit this description could learn something from Psychs' approach.

During 'Action', Psychs shows his hunger in a way not so dissimilar to a starving Puma. Both beings are competing for a place at the top of the food chain; Psychs is of course specifically hunting down a spot at the top of the 'rap food chain'. This ravenous appetite for greatness comes across in ever word, line, phrase, and sentence that Psychs expresses on 'Action'. What a unique talent.

When it comes to predictions, we are rarely wrong, and we believe in the not so distant future Psychs will be talked about in the same breath as the individuals running the industry at present. We state this with unwavering confidence. With this in mind, if you are yet to hear 'Action', we strongly suggest you do so, now, by clicking here.

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