DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - 'Boat Rockin'

Updated: Apr 27

The first ever DiSCOVERY 'Bronze Award' is captured by South-East London based lyricist, 'Bliss Da Bully', who's tranquil track, 'Boat Rockin', is 'shore' to create captivating waves when released. All other competing pieces of music were forced to walk the plank in order to make room for 'Bliss Da Bully' on the DiSCOVERY podium, and rightly so.

'Boat Rockin' is due to set sail into listeners' ears tomorrow (28th October 2020), however, we were lucky enough to board the vocal voyage exclusively early. We were blown away by Bliss Da Bully's content throughout 'Boat Rockin', and as a result, needed no artificial propulsion to influence us putting pen to paper.

Our initial attention when listening to 'Boat Rockin' was drawn to the extensive vocal range on show; Bliss Da Bully's husky rhymes are balanced to perfection by some silky-smooth female notes. This contrasting oral range makes for a powerful listening experience.

Next, we were embraced by the emotional element 'Boat Rockin'. It is clear that the unwavering inspiration behind the 'Boat Rockin' piece of art is a woman - a woman who is no doubt ever present in Bliss Da Bully's life, or indeed imagination. Our thoughts on this particular topic can be anchored by many quotes which populate 'Boat Rockin', some of which are detailed below:

"I've been having dreams about you with no stockings on in my room and soon we get the boat rockin"

"She wants slow cocky, the green I've got is no broccoli, but it's got her so lean, but there's no bopping"

"I said 'peng ting', nah 'buff ting', I really like ya, have my real number, nah 'Lyca', actually back then there's no 'Lyca' its 'T-Mobile' and a fiver"

Whilst each of the above segments are profound in their own right, the last of the three is our personal favourite. This is due to the fact that it portrays the powerful physical attraction that 'Boat Rockin' will be known for, but it also features some subtle, but impressive word-play; we will let you decipher this.

Overall, 'Boat Rockin' is an immersive anthem that we are convinced will captain many playlists across the island when it is released tomorrow. Our one complaint about 'Boat Rockin' is that the track is only 2 minutes, and 4 seconds long. When enjoying a luxury cruise, you want it to be never-ending, the principal is the same when listening to 'Boat Rockin'.

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