DiSCOVERY Exclusive - Ashore

Vast versatility, wondrous wordplay, and complete unwavering consistency is what we have grown to expect from 'TE dness', and we can assure you this has absolutely been delivered on 'Ashore' - what a track!

'Ashore' is scheduled to set sail on 09/07/21, and we strongly recommend that you navigate the 2 minute 57 second lyrical voyage into your playlist, where it should be left to harbour on repeat for eternity.

We had the exclusive and extensive pleasure of listening to 'Ashore' early, so we thought it was appropriate to scribe and distribute our thoughts in the form of an appetiser for TE dness' ravenous fans. Hopefully our words whet your starved eardrums.

From our perspective, it feels as if 'Ashore' is a transcribed tale of TE dness' battle between his entrepreneurial excellence, musical mastery and his well-documented street struggles. Our thoughts are cemented by the memorable, yet sobering 'Ashore' hook, which is detailed below:

"And this rap shit took me ashore, this trap shit took me to war"

Whilst the above quotation is easily digestible, there is an array of riddle-like-rhymes that remain hidden in the 'Ashore' spectacle like stones unturned. Well, until now. Our favourite piece of TE dness poetry that populates the 'Ashore' song is:

"I don't bring bae (bay) when I'm linking sand but that's cah (because) my life's a beach"

Another element of 'Ashore' that resonated so strongly with us is TE dness' transparent and admirable ability to see positives in some piercingly negative situations. This is a trait of all triumphant artists, entrepreneurs, but most importantly, humans. In the interest of not spoiling the most special segment of the 'Ashore' song, we are referring to the lines that follow:

"I started to understand that some of my losses brought bare blessings" (1.59)

Overall, 'Ashore' is phenomenal; in truth, we have run out of superlatives to describe TE dness' soon-to-be latest single, but there is one last thing we most address - the instrumental.

Not so dissimilar to Batman and Robin, or Dushane and Sully, when TE dness and Roddy Beatz assemble, you know the moment is going to be special. Combining with TE dness once more on 'Ashore', Roddy Beatz has exercised his rare capability to create a captivating, diverse and frankly extraordinary beat that manages to deflect emphasis onto the artist, all whilst subtly complimenting the world-class lyrics. This is unheard of and to be admired.

What a track. What an artist. What a person.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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