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Following a week away from writing, we are re-charged, loaded up with motivation, and running on some fresh inspiration. With the DiSCOVERY 'Project, Track, and Video Of The Week' articles not set to return until next week, we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to dissect an un-released piece of conscious content from 'Jayedee'.

Set to be released to the masses this Sunday, 'Motivation' by Jayedee is a succinct summary of an engaged, and galvanised mind, that is ready to achieve great things. The 'Motivation' song scene is set poignantly by the professor of motivational music - 'Nipsey Hussle'.

The opening of 'Motivation' sees the late, great, Nipsey Hussle powerfully portray his belief that the difference between those who dream, and those who achieve is that the achievers simply do not quit, and are willing to die in order to manifest their goals.

Jayedee clearly lives and breathes this admirable ethos, and explicitly expresses so during the early stages of 'Motivation' by rhyming - "Now I'm focused on my life until it's time for me to leave. In other words, I'm on the verse until the back of a hearse". This dedication will propel Jayedee far.

During the second verse, Jayedee takes ample time to address the fake nature of current industry trends such as expensive clothes, and a clear, crazy disregard for wellbeing - both physical, and mental.

Jayedee artistically delivers thought-provoking paragraphs that will powerfully resonate with listeners across the world, and hopefully spark change. Our two favourite, trend-breaking lines are below:

"Man I'm realer than the rest, I can say it with my chest, cos I ain't talking bout no drip, it's straight rhymes when I rep. We live in a time that lacks respect, everybody chasing cheques, but when you're low on your emotions, not everybody will check."

"Keep up my self-care, cos I can't afford a health scare. People want the wealth, I want to maintain my welfare, and make sure I'm well fed, like granny I be selfless."

Aside from the catalytic message throughout 'Motivation', we must not neglect how much of a vibey vocal performance this is from Jayedee; when paired with the head-bopping, spacey instrumental, listeners should be braced for a highly enjoyable 2 minute, and 35 second rhythmic ride.

We have had the pleasure of listening to 'Motivation' for 2 days now, and without exaggerating, we have blessed our eardrums with the sound of Jayedee's voice in excess of 20 occasions. With this in mind, when Sunday arrives, we strongly suggest you listen to, and take in the masterpiece that is 'Motivation'.

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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