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Time is TikToking' down on the release of TiZ East's new, spectacular and infectious song, 'Trappy'. We had the indescribable pleasure of listening to 'Trappy' exclusively early and therefore wanted to scribe our thoughts on the soon-to-be-released anthem.

'Trappy' is set to be distributed to TiZ East's fans' eardrums tomorrow (20/05/21); eardrums that have been left heartbroken by TiZ East's distant demeanour throughout the opening five months of 2021.

Representing TiZ East's first single of the year, 'Trappy' is absolutely worth the agonising wait. This song itself is outrageously well executed, which we have grown to expect from TiZ East, but on top of that artistic excellence, it seems that there is a socially stimulating campaign brewing too.

To first focus on the accomplished 'Trappy' audio and liberating lyrics, in our opinion, the song is the pitch perfect amalgamation of substance strength and memorable melodies; if you want to dissect 'Trappy', you can read into and ponder lines such as:

"I don’t drive no more, I take a Prius everywhere, I stay local, but they see us everywhere, n****s stay mad but they pre-us anyway"

But if you want to, 'just listen' to 'Trappy', then you can vibe out to the harmonic "I'll get rich one day but right now I'm trappy" hook; this said, even this seemingly self-explanatory chorus holds more insight than immediately meets the eye, or should we say ear.

We were blessed enough to sit down with TiZ East who is, by the way, one of Complex UK's '21 UK Rappers To Watch In 2021', and he articulately explained that the track title, 'Trappy', directly translates to working hard, which gives the highlighted hook that extra bit of context and depth.

As detailed at the beginning of the article, judging from the hugely engaging promotional posts TiZ East and his team have been persistently posting, it seems as if there is a potential TikTok element developing, which has the capacity to further elevate the 'Trappy' trajectory.

Whilst the quality of the 'Trappy' track is indeed the most significant thing, with the seismic shift in social media power in mind, it is important to incorporate such elements into your promotional plan, which TiZ East has absolutely done.

All bases have been covered and if you want our prediction, 'Trappy' is about to hit the scene for six, and it will spearhead TiZ East's incredible industry innings.

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Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY.

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