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As we take a week-long sabbatical from our 'Music Of The Week' write-up series, we are ecstatic to continue to produce content, and on this occasion, the content is exclusive. Earlier in the week we had the absolute pleasure of receiving Ceezlin's latest track - 'Work', which is at present, unreleased. Ceezlin collaborates with 'Wizard', and 'Dread Pitt' to cast a hypnotic spell on fans during their 'Work' experience.

The Brighton-based lyrical lord has been a DiSCOVERY favourite since 2012, when the phenomenal 'Ceezlin Season' project was released. Since then, Ceezlin has played an integral part in DiSCOVERY's growth, and therefore, only has himself to blame for the lifetime of support we will now showcase.

'Work' is whipped up, and served, citrus fresh, after nearly a year out of releasing musical main courses for Ceezlin. The fusion of neighbour neglecting bass lines, a head-bopping hook, and the seasoned spectacle of Ceezlin's rampant rhymes come together to form a 2 minute, and 39 second Michelin Star experience, that listeners will devour.

Whilst many tracks that populate the playlists of today rely solely on a catchy hook to reel fans in, Ceezlin does not take this approach on 'Work'. Perhaps what is most impressive about the 'Work' anthem, is the fact that the focus has clearly been precisely distributed between producing a motivational message, and a special, speaker shattering sound. This was likely labour intensive for Ceezlin, Wizard, and Dread Pitt, however, it was worth every night shift.

Ceezlin paints a vivid, and as mentioned, motivational self portrait throughout the totality of 'Work'. Breaking it down, the first verse is a transparent transcript of Ceezlin's prosperous, yet obstacle stricken journey to get him to the destination he resides at today. Ceezlin openly explains how his life was close to being grasped by the Reaper, and how he held seemingly lucrative record deals, but he is now "done with the games", and "wants actual mills".

The second masterpiece, momentous 'Work' verse is a continuation of the honest, and honourable initial song segment. Ceezlin again sheds light on a fire engulfed, treacherous quest to "hell and back", and leaves fans with a strong statement that he "won't stop till his crib got a helipad".

'Work' will officially be released tomorrow (Friday 19th June). Whilst we are unsure whether the release date is poignant, the day is certainly fitting. If you are unwinding from a lengthly, stressful week of work, or enjoying drinks with your friends, 'Work' is the only track for your Friday night. We strongly suggest you listen to 'Work', and share it with a likeminded individual - you will not be dissatisfied.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have listened to 'Work', please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram.

Thanks - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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