DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)'

Updated: Apr 27

As we reach the mid-way period of the DiSCOVERY week, it is time to issue our 'Silver Award', and reflect on the winner's holy greatness. The 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)', by '2u4u', is a commanding anthem of blasphemous brilliance, and is the well worthy winner of our newest accolade.

Released on the 22nd October 2020, 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)' remains very much in its infancy, however, its initial impact has been far from small and insignificant. 'Oh My God! (Nite Time Mix)' features as the almost identical younger sibling of 'Oh My God!', another 2u4u hymn which was birthed on the 1st October 2020. We feel the younger sibling inherited the more attractive genes.

The original 'Oh My God!' is an impressive piece of work in its own right. The production is especially incredible; 'Kanye West' himself would've been proud to have uncovered and used the chosen sample so tastefully. This said, as touched upon above, we feel 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)' is the superior track of the two.

'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)' showcases a supernatural fusion of a funky, euphoric instrumental, and effortlessly delivered, conscious lyrics. To first dissect the impressively layered beat, it is the powerful, yet smooth base-line that stands out for us; it would not be baffling to find out 'George Clinton' was involved in the creation of this particular element.

Although the instrumental is enough to make you place both hands together and issue thanks to the universe, without the outrageously in-depth poetry to accompany it, the 'deeper meaning' of the anthem would not be realised. This is absolutely a song you need to 'listen' to, to fully understand - it is not background music. To best portray exactly what we mean by the previous statement, please see some quotes from 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)' below:

"No deaths just abortions, pro-life can't hide my thoughts like sunlight in the Porsche, top dropped..."

"I always wondered why money was so funny, that people would straight weep, work overtime all week, spend all on a new lease, that's mula tied up..."

The two aforementioned sentences are easily missed if you fail to devote ample attention to the lyrics of 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)'. With this in mind, in closing, when you listen to 'Oh My God! (Nyte Time Mix)', which you must, make sure you 'listen'.

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