DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Bit Of Your Love

Our highly recognised, densely populated 'Track Of The Week' trophy today finds itself with a new title engraved into its glistening surface. That title is 'Bit Of Your Love', which is a silky, polished piece of content, brought to the population by 'Sleeks'.

Sleeks, who many will be familiar with through his prominent presence in the path paving group 'Smoke Boys' (formerly 'Section Boys'), has very recently graced our eardrums with a solo project, branded 'Paper Cuts'.

'Bit Of Your Love' features as the curtain closing collection of Sleeks' thoughts on 'Paper Cuts', and in our opinion, is the most admirable track on what is an album brimming with versatility, and consistent upper echelon quality.

We use the word 'admirable' above appropriately. Sleeks himself, and particularly 'Smoke Boys' have generated their impressive following through the production of hard-hitting, trap-rap anthems, that are likely to 'lock arf' any event.

'Bit Of Your Love' is a more seductive melody, that still pays plentiful amounts of attention to Sleeks' background. This amalgamation of a refreshing, smoother, new sound, paired with the pain, and controversy of Sleeks' lifestyle is phenomenal, and is absolutely to be admired.

As is aptly apparent from the track title 'Bit Of Your Love'; large 'chunkz' of the song are 'filly' with serenading sentences. Whilst this approach from Sleeks is not what we are accustomed to hearing, each word is whispered willingly, and to perfection.

To put our detailed thoughts into complete, relatable perspective, please see some particularly poignant quotes from 'Bit Of Your Love' below:

  • "When I talk about the trap, you know it's so true. It's hard food that I'm wrapping, ain't no tofu. When I'm finished in the trap you know I phone you, and lets not talk about the past because that's old news."

  • "You know I like your smile cos I told you, and when I'm riding to the money you can roll too. Profit came in, we can go eat, we ain't worried bout the bill, my pockets so deep."

  • "She loves when I send her 'I miss you texts', miss you so much, we having 'miss you sex'."

  • "She got about, 4 man on the Snap, that's 'me, big bro, 1 cousin, and dad', she's loyal to the soil, and I tell her this. The way that she got me feelin', it's so genuine."

To close, although we have made the informed decision that 'Bit Of Your Love' is the most attractive segment of Sleeks' new project - 'Paper Cuts', you may not agree. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to listen to the whole album, and to make your own mind up!

To everyone who is reading this, thank you for your support, it does not go unnoticed; we appreciate you. We are conscious that we are not massive at present, however, with your support, we will one day be talked about alongside with likes of 'SBTV', 'Link Up TV', and 'GRM Daily'.


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