DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Black & White World

Our decision making process when allocating this weeks 'Track Of The Week' victor was as black and white as the track title on topic. In light of the current, furious fight for equality, which erupted following the cold-blooded killing of US citizen - George Floyd; we were fixated on utilising our platform to analyse an immensely powerful and poignant, however, peaceful protest-pushing song.

This strict roadmap we sketched ourselves lead us down the path to Crawley, to find the extraterrestrial talent that is 'Brydon'. The 26 year old lyricist grasped his second DiSCOVERY trophy, which was presented in honour, and awe of his harmonious track - 'Black & White World'.

Released in late February 2020, 'Black & White World' was clearly a pro-active product of Brydon's prosperous personal mindset, as opposed to a re-active release, motivated by recent, malicious race related murders. This generates a stronger sense of admiration for 'Black & White World'.

Absolute admiration for 'Black & White World' elevates out of the stratosphere when the diversity of the track is fully digested. Whilst the foundation of 'Black & White World' is built to expose the depressing fact that we do, unfortunately live in what is a divided planet, tainted with discrimination; when diving into the depths of Brydon's lyrics, it is transparent to see that he aims to address a variety of detrimental discriminative issues.

Although racism is the most destructive global epidemic at present, and has been for centuries, sexism is also a very real, terrifying, and vastly spread issue. Brydon poetically combines his thoughts on both of these diseases, and expertly executes supportive sentences aimed at those who have been plagued by such injustice.

Whilst the track title 'Black & White World' somewhat implies that Brydon will have a two channel focus throughout the 4 minute, and 40 second plea for peace, this is far from the case. Brydon elegantly offers an olive branch to a multitude of females, from a variation of ethnicities including:

  • Black

  • Brown

  • Asian

  • White

Brydon poetically portrays potential issues that each individual woman may be laboured with, and in turn offers his empathetic thoughts. Please see some especially incredible quotes below:

  • "Sometimes as a black girl, it's okay to accept, that your natural hair, is actually beautiful, and the weave that you cover it with, isn't always suitable. But in 2020, natural features, are unusual"

  • "I know, the more we encourage perfection, the worse it will get, playing with these girls' self esteem, in turn will effect, the way they carry theirselves, I can see this damaging mental health already"

  • "Sometimes as a white girl, it's okay to accept, that your natural skin-tone, is actually beautiful, and the fake tan that you cover it with, isn't always suitable. But in 2020, natural features, are unusual"

Whilst analysing these scriptures through a screen demonstrates a certain level of powerful perspective, these lyrics are required to be heard straight from the rappers mouth. Only then will you be struck with the full sobering effect of Brydon's words of wisdom. Click here to listen.

To conclude, in this rap and rhyme world, the lyrics you hear, aren't always meaningful. Therefore, Brydon's 'Black & White World' gripping spectacle is even more special, and this is why it has been named the sought after DiSCOVERY 'Track Of The Week'.

Lastly, as we continue our 'DiSCOVERY INTERViEWS' series, we aim to discuss racism, and discrimination on a whole. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness, educate, and make change, even if that change is minimal.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have listened to 'Black & White World', please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on Instagram.

Thanks - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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