DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Fake As the Grass

As returning readers will recognise, at present, we are making a conscious effort to dissect only the most meaningful of melodies. This approach is part of our personal, powerful push for complete equality. This weeks 'Track Of The Week' winning artist - 'Songer' takes ample time to address a multitude of issues currently infecting the UK, and worldwide population. These viruses are annotated by Songer during his accolade claiming track 'Fake As the Grass'.

'Fake As the Grass' was released a mere 6 days ago, as track 2 on Songer's latest project - 'Lyrics For Sanity'; the body of work consists of 8 impressive tracks, however, we feel that 'Fake As the Grass' is far superior, and far more real than any of it's 7 compatriots.

With his motor clearly radiating the heat generated from the initial 'Lyrics For Sanity' track - 'A Poem Called Spotlight', Songer wastes no time at all in mowing down a detrimental, generational issue, during the opening moments of 'Fake As the Grass. The fast spreading cancer Songer seeks to vaccinate, is youthful reliance on social media.

  • "Our generation only validates opinions if they're retweeted. If they're not, no need to think about it, just keep your thumb moving"

Songer elegantly glides away from this topic, only to express the fear, and paranoia circling his cranium, that his potent political lyrics will get him killed. Thankfully for Songer, his lucky charm of a partner provides him with an intimate antidote.

  • "Paranoia tells me I'll get killed for my material. Talk about my girl instead, she's acting like my steering wheel. I'm hoping that she hears them all, I give her spoon, and then I eat her in the morning, she's my little bowl of cereal"

After Songer finished devouring his first, and most important meal of the day, his attention shifts to the uprooting tragedy of losing a loved one, and how the current, COVID climate has multiplied the unexplainable pain. For anyone who has had someone close to them taken, before their time, this line will prove particularly powerful to you.

  • "That's my bro, this ain't no media trend. See I struggle seeing pictures, so I speak with the pen, and you people never stress you'll never see him again, and it's hard to stay 2 meters when you're grieving a friend"

Just when it seems as if Songer has finished mowing the lawn of issues, he manoeuvres round to the front garden, to tend to the most important problem of all - racial injustice. It seems Songer is especially fixated on highlighting the current, social racial clash.

  • "See my Twitter feed is feeling like a race war, all got different views, we need to say em face to face more. When you move with hate, see it seems to fuel the hate more, influencers only influence the shit they're paid for"

When considering that Songer addresses all of the above topics in just 2 minutes, and 34 seconds, what is already a remarkable song, becomes a truly phenomenal sound spectacle.

There is only one element of the masterpiece track that we disagree with. In closing, Songer advises listeners that he "ain't stressing about the 'if' cos it's a matter of 'when'". Recently, we finished reading US superstar - Russ' book, which is named - 'It's All In Your Head'. Russ makes an immensely strong point in his book; ensure you "trust the what, fuck the when".

What Russ means by that quote, or at least how we interpret it, is that as long as you are executing your chosen craft to a high level, 'when' you become successful will take care of itself.


Thanks for reading, stay motivated, and stay safe - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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