DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Flexing

As a new week begins, we commence our commitment to content by striving to generate some deserved noise for 'Flexing' by 'Renz'. Although it is important that we focus our attention on citrus-fresh new releases, it is imperative that we bring a new zest of life to older, more mature tracks, that have for one reason or another, slipped through the net; the latter is why we are writing today.

'Flexing' by Renz was featured as part of the 'New Gen' collaborative project which was released in 2017. Alongside Renz stood the likes of 'Avelino', 'AJ Tracey' and 'Yxng Bane', artists who many would now brand as 'stars'. The previous sentence births the almost rhetorical question of 'why has Renz not reached the heights of the aforementioned artists?'. This is a riddle we cannot solve.

The 'New Gen' project consists of 17 tracks in total, each of which boast its own niche and audio excellence, however, we believe the 'Flexing' anthem has the strength to out-perform any of its competition; this is for a host of reasons.

A defining factor which accelerates our affection towards 'Flexing' is its simplicity; less, in this case, is certainly more. Although rap is a genre which is closely associated with meaningful lyrics and moving messages, it is also a genre that can bring light to a room full of darkness through the amplification of pure, straightforward and wholesome vibes. When played, 'Flexing' exercises an authentic feeling of enjoyment.

Whilst the 'Flexing' ethos may be relatively elementary, and somewhat one-dimensional, the array of venues or events where it could be fittingly projected is not. Ironically, 'Flexing' would be a impeccable song for the gym, but it would be an even more suited sound for a club, party, or particularly a concert; we can personally vouch for this after witnessing an immersive 'Flexing' display from Renz in early 2019.

If you are yet to allow the thunderous 'Flexing' track to penetrate your ears, we strongly suggest you do so, sooner rather than later. Should you do so, we are convinced the 3 minutes, and 7 second long sounds of 'Flexing' will become a regular feature in your day.

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