DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Global Now

In this week's 'Track Of The Week' clash, Luton-born lyricist 'Nafe Smallz' penetrates the Ozone layer to claim his very first DiSCOVERY trophy. Nafe Smallz's cup is issued in absolute appreciation for his radiant record 'Global Now'.

Whilst Nafe Smallz is at present one of the most prominent artists in the UK, for one reason or another, 'Global Now' has not received the recognition it thoroughly deserves. Released in March 2018, 'Global Now' orbited closely behind Nafe Small's second solo project - 'Movie Music', however, it did not reach the astronomical heights anticipated.

One of the most incredible elements of the 'Global Now' anthem, is the fact it is light years ahead of its time. To again analyse 'Movie Music', although it is a phenomenal body of work, with a strong mould of outstanding tracks, in comparison to Nafe Smallz's latest project - 'Goat World', the sounds are distinctively different.

Incredibly, when considering that 'Global Now' was published a mere two months after 'Movie Music', it would make a vibrant, vibe fitting 'Goat World' bonus track. This is stunningly impressive.

Another factor that further elevates the 'Global Now' super song stance, is the fact that lyrically, it is a transparent manifestation of what Nafe Smallz clearly believed he was destined for. Unwavering, at times delusional self belief is a quality all successful individuals possess, and 'Global Now' is testimony to the internal assurance Nafe Smallz clearly holds.

Throughout the 3 minute and 47 second duration of 'Global Now' Nafe Smallz portrays multiple motivational, inspirational and prospective messages. These messages include:

  • "120 in the AMG, I'm in different lanes"

  • "We getting closer now, we going global now"

  • "I remember I had nothing up on my name, when I look around now its so fucked up how things can change"

As Nafe Smallz is one of few pioneers for his unique, hard to brand, wave like genre, it is easy to overlook the power of his lyricism, which is absolutely criminal. It is the fascinating fusion of immersive, wavy production, smooth, yet pain-stricken vocals, and picture-painting lyrics that make Nafe Smallz the artist that he is.

All of these Nafe Smallz segments are clear to be heard in 'Global Now', and as a result, we believe it is one of his greatest songs ever created. This is saying something when you review the plethora of mesmerising Nafe Smallz music there is to choose from. We strongly suggest that you listen to 'Global Now', now, and are convinced that you will be blown out of the atmosphere by the incredible musical spectacle. To listen, CLICK HERE.

As always, thanks for reading and once you have listened to the above, please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram profile.


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