DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Gurl

In this week's 'Track Of The Week' battle, Rugby-based group '2u4u' overturn competing teams' scrums, to secure the DiSCOVERY trophy. The staggering strength of 2u4u's fielded track 'Gurl' effortlessly swept alternative options aside, leaving them to spray the champagne alone.

The 2u4u collective consists of 3, enormously important components, which combine with fluidity throughout the duration of 'Gurl', and beyond. Two producers, 'Ranbir' and 'Arjan', lay the 2u4u musical foundations with finesse, complexity, and a somewhat retro style, whilst 'My Rugema' laces tracks with rich rhymes, and a vast range of intellectual vocals.

A group's inspiration often shines through when listening to their music in depth; this is multiplied in 2u4u's case. Streams of idol artists' content radiate through with immense power, and transparency throughout 'Gurl'. As confessed by 2u4u, influencing artists include the likes of 'A Tribe Called Quest', 'D'Angelo', and 'Slum Village', which is particularly apparent during 'Gurl'.

Although the UK rap genre is at present flourishing throughout all seasons, there is a sheer lack of variety that is reaching the public ear. 2u4u are leading the charge to change this, and 'Gurl' heads up their battalion of song soldiers.

You may have noticed that none of the 2u4u sound-moulding influencing artists hail from the UK, in fact, all are based across the rather large pond. When delving into the waves of the 'Gurl' spectacle, this US sound admiration is as clear to see as a turtle in the Maldivian sea.

Many elements of the 'Gurl' anthem point towards an American-like sound, however, most telling is the off-beat, snarling snare, which creates a 'Biggie', infectious boom-bap style instrumental. If you listen to 'Gurl' without viciously nodding your head, a crime has been committed, and karma will likely serve you a warning before kicking the door in.

With the majority of UK rap artists, and groups in their infancy chasing the same, popular sounds such as 'drill', and 'wave', 2u4u's more complex quest is even more admirable. 2u4u are carving their own genre with precision. This is incredible to see, and of course hear. For this reason amongst a plethora of others, 2u4u are deserved victors of the DiSCOVERY 'Track Of The Week' accolade.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have listened to 'Gurl', please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on Instagram.


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