DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Next Up? (24wavey)

Next up in the DiSCOVERY week, after initially focusing our attention on Nines' 'Crabs In A Bucket' mixtape madness, is '24wavey', and his latest release. In recent months, young 24wavey has generated a vast whirlpool of avid fans, who's bucket lists are filled with the desire to hear more of the rising star.

On the 29th of July 2020, these fans had their prayers answered when 24wavey dropped a delicious, 2 course freestyle; this featured as Episode 1, on the 3rd 'Next Up?' series, which is brought to us by 'Mixtape Madness'.

24wavey's smooth, melodic, and memorable 'Next Up?' entry was released after 4 quiet months, with little artistic activity from the London based lyricist. This said, those same 4 months were populated by the sounds of 24wavey's smash-hit 'Hunnabands', which recently surpassed 1 million views on 'YouTube'.

The 'Next Up?' freestyle itself consists of a 5 minutes, and 10 second talent tsunami, which is delivered in 2 waves. Each segment of 24wavey's 'Next Up?' has defined differences, however, there is one common, distinctive message delivered throughout; 24wavey clearly fears / is wary of, and repulses 'fake love'.

It is made absolutely transparent on many occasions throughout the 'Next Up?' transcript that since 24wavey has acquired a following, and financial stability, he feels as if many who are in contact with him, are doing so for their personal benefit. The most effective way to highlight the above point, is to detail some of the most poignant lines in the 'Next Up?' freestyle:

"So now you wanna holla, where was you when I needed a dolla"

"They wanna call my phone cos they see me going up, I told my mumma don't worry, soon I'm blowing up, when I was low nobody weren't showing love, and now they know it's me every time I'm rolling up"

"Mumma said don't trust nobody, remember when I had no money, I was really in a cold, nose runny. They hate on the kid, and it's so funny. And she only fuck with me cos I'm an artist 'ummu', and I don't care what you heard, I'm the hardest 'ummu'"

Although the above is in many ways, 3 variations of the same message, 24wavey's personal genre is more heavily reliant on sound, and vibe, as opposed to meaning. With this in mind, even this modest message mixture is impressive; this is multiplied by the fact 24wavey is so youthful.

The finished 'Next Up?' article is simply outstanding, and once you have listened, you will almost certainly have it on repeat until you can recite both silky smooth sections.

When you consider that 'Next Up?' is just 24wavey's 3rd release ('Bucket List' - 341,181 views, 'Hunnabands' - 1,087,529 views, 'Next Up?' - 180,857 views), and he is already reaching the heights he is, the only element of 'Next Up?' which requires change, is the removal of the '?'; 24wavey - 'Next Up!'.

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