DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Stay On My Cool

A week brimming with scintillating summer sun would not be the same without seamlessly suited melodies, to complement each memorable moment. Therefore, we felt the DiSCOVERY 'Track Of The Week' had to shine additional rays of warmth on our readers' days. As a result, 'Jay Prince' claims his second DiSCOVERY award, which is presented in recognition of his outstanding, yet somewhat unknown track - 'Stay On My Cool'.

Whilst Jay Prince is widely recognised by avid UK rap fans, and dubbed as the English 'Kendrick Lamar', some of the supremely talented lyricist's early releases remain under-listened to, and vastly under-appreciated. This is a serious crime.

'Stay On My Cool' is the epitome of a sensational song, that has unjustly slipped through the net, for one reason or another. It is our job, to repair this net, and get the supreme, youthful sounds of Jay Prince bellowing through your speakers'.

Released in November 2013, 'Stay On My Cool' forms 1 particle, of the 'Mellow Vation' 14 limbed body of work. To date, 'Mellow Vation' has only been released on project purchasing platform - 'Bandcamp', which no doubt is a contributing factor to the criminal lack of listening time it has received.

Throughout the 5 minute, and 14 second 'Stay On My Cool' symphony, Jay Prince gifts listeners with the perfect amalgamation of memorable melodies, fantastic flows, and wisdom-filled words. The allocated beat perfectly unites these strong, individual elements. Precise poetry in motion.

When considering that at the time of the 'Stay On My Cool' release, Jay Prince was just 20 years old, the above statements become massively more impressive.

Whilst we can utilise seamlessly fitting descriptive words to summarise the 'Stay On My Cool' artistry, it is imperative that each reader listens to this masterpiece, and forms their own opinions. Although the 'Mellow Vation' project is exclusive to 'Bandcamp', luckily for us, 'Stay On My Cool' is a blinding star that sits in the 'YouTube' universe. Click below to listen:

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have listened to 'Stay On My Cool', please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on Instagram.


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