DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - All Me Pt2

Commencing the DiSCOVERY week in a vibrant, versatile, and colourful nature, we have 'Rebecca Garton', 'Ling Hussle', 'Alana Maria', and 'Tia Carys'. The mentioned female superstars combine succinctly on 'All Me Pt2', and together create a complete, visual, and vocal spectacle.

'All Me Pt2' was born after Rebecca Garton entangled with 'Louis Rei' on the June released original - 'All Me'; this short-film has impressively exceeded 100,000 views in little over 2 months. 'All Me Pt2' graced the 'GRM Daily' 'YouTube' portfolio just 8 days ago, and has already surpassed its parents' view count, and today stands on a gargantuan 116,705.

The 'All Me Pt2' footage itself sees each individual represent a certain colour, which is cleverly keyed in the distinctive album artwork; each chosen shade illuminates a rustic 90s dance floor at the fitting time. This simple, but genius approach creates a feel good, uniformed perspective for each viewer.

Watching Rebecca Garton, Ling Hussle, Alana Maria, and Tia Carys euphorically perform 'All Me Pt2' is like watching a 21st century, diverse, highly-attractive, empowering, vocally-perfect episode of 'Powerpuff Girls'.

Tia Carys initially captains the 'All Me Pt2' ship, and lets off hooks which will have viewers drowning in gratitude. Fittingly, Tia Carys represents a deep-blue colour throughout the 3 minute, and 3 second visual voyage. This opening performance is spell-binding.

Rebecca Garton is the next artist put to the test, and it would seem as if it was a test she has already passed. Rebecca Garton delivers a direct, precious gemstone of a vocal, and visual performance, which is ironic as her stunning figure is hugged by a ruby-red dress during much of the 'All Me Pt2' video.

The penultimate, passionately delivered verse comes from an emerald-green infused Alana Maria. The relentless range of vocals on show during this segment of the song is utterly remarkable, and makes us strongly believe that Alana Maria is indeed the youngest in charge.

Ling Hussle is last to grasp the 'All Me Pt2' baton, and she finishes the RnB race in Usain Bolt like style. Harmonies are so pitch-perfect, and silky smooth, viewers would be forgiven for thinking Ling Hussle has been singing since 1942. This delicious Ling Hussle performance is summarised perfectly by her honey shaded outfits.

Whilst 116,705 views in 8 days is a truly phenomenal achievement, 'All Me Pt2' deserves more; if you are yet to watch it, we strongly suggest you click here to do so, and if you have already watched it, we strongly suggest you click here to do so again.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have watched 'All Me Pt2', please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram profile.


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