DiSCOVERY Track Of The Week - Beast Mode

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Crawley based lyricist ,'Brydon', must be developing an ego after securing his hat-trick of DiSCOVERY awards. 'Beast Mode' is the epitome of what we have come to expect from Brydon; his holy words defy gravity, and provide listeners with a super-human feeling. For these reasons, 'Beast Mode' stands at the top of the 'Track Of The Week' food chain.

Released just 9 days ago, 'Beast Mode' entered the industry in celebration of Brydon's birth date, and serves as a selfless, universally enjoyable present. When you unwrap Brydon's gift, you are greeted by 3 minutes, and 28 seconds of musical mastery.

Concealed in the 'Beast Mode' flesh is humorous hooks, fluent, ever-changing flows, and out-of-this-world word-play. Brydon's fantastic, flowing vocal performance is harmonised by an eerie instrumental which powerfully puts the onus on his carnivorous lyricism.

Following the 'Beast Mode' launch, Brydon later revealed that he is going to back up the already monstrous musical spectacle with some vicious visuals. The 'Beast Mode' short film is due to be published this Sunday, 23rd of August, and we have no doubts that listeners will devour the new course on the menu.

As always, we are devoted to bringing your attention to some of the sentences that otherwise, you may have neglected. With this in mind, please review a couple of our favourite segments from 'Beast Mode' below:

  • "No lean or percs, but I'm after the perks of the game, so lean towards me"

  • "Nath (Brydon's name) ain't ever been small, but the flows still fucking up the Ozone"

The above riddles, are just two of a plethora that are enclosed in 'Beast Mode', and for this reason, we are forecasting that it will be a song which becomes more enjoyable with each listen. Brydon - a gift that just keeps on giving.

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Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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