DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - Because I Love You

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

After another highly successful week full of strong traction at DiSCOVERY, we are delighted to announce our third, and final award. Mic Righteous, who is arguably the most talented storytelling rap artist in the UK at present claims his first ever DiSCOVERY accolade, in the form of 'Video Of The Week'. This memento is presented in honour of Mic Righteous' heart-wrenching 'Because I Love You' visual.

Those who are familiar with Mic Righteous' outstanding, yet more often than not, emotional content will have become accustom to the plethora of tears poured into each and every piece of music created, however, new listeners will no doubt be washed away in floods of their own teardrops.

Whilst many musicians rely heavily on a vivid visual element to accompany their songs and portray the chosen message, Mic Righteous does not. Imagery is utilised strategically by Mic Righteous to provide additional layers to the specific meaning of each song; this is executed to perfection in the award winning, 'Because I Love You'.

Throughout the expansive 6 minute and 46 second 'Because I Love You' short film, a tale of trauma, drug abuse, depression and suicidal thoughts is poetically delivered by Mic Righteous.

Although there are many avenues to analyse when viewing 'Because I Love You', the clear, transparent motive of the video is to illustrate the message that no matter how torturous life can sometimes seem, one should never take the selfish act of ending their own life. Mic Righteous seamlessly relates this meaningful message to his own life by disclosing chilling recent personal events that have taken place and explaining, as per the song title, "because I love you I won't kill myself".

This specific quote paints a dark picture with a ray of sunshine in the distance. Whilst Mic Righteous' suicidal thoughts are clearly strong, they will never overcome the strength of his devotion to his loved ones. This piece of art is immensely powerful and has no doubt shone a god-like light on individuals who find themselves in a mirror like position.

The reason the rap genre sits in the upper echelon of the music industry is because the power of expert lyricism has the undeniable ability to save lives. In Mic Righteous' case, it would be unsurprising if throughout his career he had slammed the door shut on the most tragic cause of fate in excess of 100 times. Mic Righteous' substantial contribution in the reduced swelling of the UK's mental health problem should be recognised and appreciated more so than platinum selling records.

To access the 'Because I Love You' video, either click here or click on the link in the song artwork. Once you have watched 'Because I Love You' and digested it in full, we strongly recommend that you listen to / watch the below Mic Righteous content.

As always, thanks for reading and once you have listened to / watched the above, please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on Instagram.


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