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With the sun slowly setting on another DiSCOVERY week, we are keen to conclude by shining a blinding light on a soul destroying, and detrimental UK issue, in bullying. To expose the vast dimensions of the problem, we will rely on our 'Video Of The Week' winner - 'Jah Digga', who's 'Bully' short film provides viewers with an incredibly powerful, however, unfortunately familiar perspective on the mindless, belittling act of bullying.

Jah Digga is a multi-talented lyricist who aggressively attacks various political issues from alternative angles, not solely through the use of his sobering rhymes. Jah Digga currently partners with 'Arnold Hill Academy' where his concise delivery of writing and recording sessions are having a positive effect in the ongoing battle against bullying. These workshops also aim to slice knife crime numbers until they are no more.

Through utilising a number of his high level skills, Jah Digga was able to create the 'Bully' video, which is a sensational, yet deeply saddening spectacle. The 'Bully' tale is a personal, expertly executed, however, sadly non-fictional one. Jah Digga's nephew holds the keys to the 'Bully' storyline, and as a result is the victim of widely experienced secondary school vicious verbal, and penetrating physical attacks.

As the world evolves, and becomes an ever enriched technological playground, many elements of day-to-day life have been heavily enhanced, although some damaged, at times beyond repair. One of those elements is bulling. With the cyber spectrum being more immersive than ever, bullies now have a wider array of weapons to opt for when debating their method of senseless pain infliction. Many allocate cowardly cyber, and social media platforms as their chosen weapon.

Jah Digga poetically alludes to this growing online, and at times invisible variation of bullying towards the end of the 'Bully' body of work. Most poignantly, Jah Digga effortlessly delivers the below, powerful quotation:

  • "It ain't like back in the day, when you see mates physically chatting away. Too much internet, got to intercept, and have these kids expressing their intellect"

With bullies now having the capabilities to poke mental bruises they have forged whilst at school, in the evenings, it is imperative that the focus is fixated on eliminating the initial infliction of damage. This will tackle the UK's rising bully victims statistics.

It is estimated that in excess of 20% of youths have been bullied in the past 12 months, in the UK. Of those fractured victims, an outrageous 33% expressed that they had experienced suicidal thoughts, and nearly broke. The sheer scale of this issue is scarily not the most astounding element, it is the government's response.

From August 2018 to August 2019, an unthinkable 175,094 appointments related to bullying were either cancelled, or postponed by the NHS, compared with 140,327 in the same period the year before. After analysing these shocking statistics, it is understandable that suicide numbers also continue to increase.

As it seems at present we cannot rely on our government to rectify this depressing topic, it is of incredible importance that we can rely on admirable individuals such as Jah Digga to yield the light at the end of what is a dark tunnel for many. With Jah Digga effortlessly holding the hypothetical healing light, and creating musical masterpieces at the same time, the Nottingham based artist is the well worthy winner of the DiSCOVERY 'Video Of The Week' title.

To view, and experience the emotional 'Bully' visual work of art, simply click on the below picture:

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have watched the above, please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram profile.


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