DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - For My Peeps

As we approach the mid-way point of the DiSCOVERY week, we take the time to centre our retinas on another, recent 'High Focus' released gem. 'Verbz & Mr Slipz' caught our wishfully wondering eyes with their latest, captivating, collaborative piece, which is titled 'For My Peeps'.

'For My Peeps' features a wonderful weave of expert lyricism, a hypnotic instrumental, and some highly hallucinogenic visuals, which align to create a three-pronged phenomenon. Each element contributes equally, and uniquely in forming such a strong spectacle that viewers simply cannot get enough of.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, 'Verbz' is the poetry-projecting piece of the 'Verbz & Mr Slipz' partnership puzzle, whilst 'Mr Slipz' moulds their distinctive sound with the use of his powerful production.

Together, 'Verbz & Mr Slipz' generate a highly historic sound, which is hard to stumble across in today's day and age. Although this seasoned approach to hip-hop is a rare and sought after gift on its own, when paired with a fitting, coarse, and vibrantly tinged film, it is as if Christmas has come early. This is the case throughout 'For My Peeps'.

The 'For My Peeps' short-film was recorded, and directed by 'Honey JD' (part of 'Loudhouse'). 'Honey JD's influence on this particular collection of work cannot be underestimated. Therefore, in absolute 'High Focus' spirit, we salute you, 'Honey JD'.

As touched upon above, 'High Focus' must not only be credited for their impressive ability to uncover highly-talented, under-appreciated rappers, such as 'Verbz', they must also be hailed for their love, and promotion of production specialists, such as 'Mr Slipz'.

Recently, 'Coops', another 'High Focus' rap superhero released 'Crimes Against Creation', an album produced by 'Talos'; rather than portraying the usual "Coops' New Album" marketing message, 'High Focus' insured that 'Talos' reaped the rewards of his equally talent-filled labour. We like this. A lot.

We strongly suggest that you now take the time to view 'For My Peeps'. You can do so simply by clicking the link below. We are confident if you choose to do so, 'Mr Slipz's beat will make you feel as if you are floating on an ocean, and 'Verbz's rhymes will fill you with the wisdom of four owls.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have watched the above, please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram profile.


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