DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - For My People

The first dedicated DiSCOVERY push for racial equality, this week, sees us focus our awe-stricken attention on 'Eyez's' latest, incredibly powerful, visual display, which is branded 'For My People'. The sobering sentiment of the short-film, accompanied by Eyez's race rectifying rhymes is a phenomenon that needs to be experienced, by all.

Following the recent, unprovoked, unjust, and inhuman murder of US citizen 'George Floyd', the long fought war for racial equality erupted. Although there remains a moderate minority of uneducated, racist vermin on the planet, it seems that the George Floyd tragedy has united many, forming a stronger than ever 'Black Lives Matter' battalion. As with any situation, there is strength in numbers.

What is most admirable about this 'Black Lives Matter' group of troops, is the sheer display of diversity. This wide spread support base provides a plethora of phenomenal talents, which, when utilised creatively, form the perfect ammunition to peacefully attack those who oppose a life of equality, and those with the keys to open the doors to change. If those doors remain unopened, we will break them down, together.

This variation of awareness-spreading, change-creating talents include: art, poetry, photography, writing, singing, and of course, rapping. Eyez unsurprisingly elects to allocate rap as his chosen racism repelling weapon, and 'For My People' is the first bullet out of the chamber.

When dissecting 'For My People', the first component which magnetised our retina, is the title. World renowned US rapper 'Joey Bada$$' released a song named 'FOR MY PEOPLE' in 2017, which featured as track 2 on his insurmountable 'ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$' body of work; a well-recognised pro-black album.

In many ways, 'ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$' was ahead of it's era. This said, fans will have become accustomed to this progressive Joey Bada$$ behaviour by now. It is unknown whether Joey Bada$$' track had any influence on Eyez's, however, regardless, this is an interesting coincidence worth highlighting.

Once past the poignant video / song title, you are greeted by what can only be described as revolutionary lyricism from Eyez. What is so incredible about each line delivered from Eyez's mouth, is that they serve a pair of purposes. For those who originate from ethnic backgrounds, relatability is key throughout 'For My People', and for those who come from a privileged, white background, each word serves as an empathetic eye opener.

Please see some of our favourite quotes from 'For My People' below:

  • "All I see is hatred, I think it's time to face it, dirty looks off neighbours, getting judged by strangers, bullets in the chamber, due to raise it on these racists."

  • "When my hair was braided, teacher told me I should shave it. Feeling home sickness in this place that I was raised in."

  • "Shit, I got attacked for being black, and I was only 9"

  • "Nothings changed, gotta dig an innocent brothers grave"

  • "Innocent until proven guilty, nah we got the other way, guilty until proven innocent, and they can't compensate, that's why we don't cooperate, we're living in the Hunger Games"

As always, if you are yet to watch, and listen to 'For My People', we strongly suggest you do so, now. Regardless of your background, this epic piece of content will mean something to everyone. To watch the 'For My People' video, simply click the link imbedded in the image below:

We wanted to finally say a massive thank you to everyone reading this - we hope you enjoyed our words, and that this article has triggered some equality promoting thoughts. We lastly wanted to leave you with a promise, that this article is just the start of our personal push for a UNITED Kingdom.

We have lots of pro-black content on the way, starting with our next 'DiSCOVERY INTERViEW' with Leeds' finest - 'Graft', which comes out on Thursday, this week! Make sure you tune into our YouTube channel to view, on Thursday.

Thanks - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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