DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - Fxcked Up

This weeks DiSCOVERY 'Video Of The Week' conqueror is a collaborative creation from London based rappers - 'KnuckS', and 'Sam Wise'. The talented pair clearly took no days off when forging each element of the formidable 'Fxcked Up' short film. The result, is a video Robert Zemeckis himself would be proud of.

'Fxcked Up' premiered on YouTube just in excess of 2 weeks ago, and has already surpassed 154,000 views, which is mightily impressive considering the sheer lack of promotion.

From an external perspective, it seems as if the 'Fxcked Up' piece of work has benefited heavily from a number of elements. Not only is the video directed, and captured to perfection, but the lyrics are also meaningful, and delivered with impeccable precision, by both KnuckS, and Sam Wise. This well-rounded spectacle makes for a truly outstanding customer experience, from start to finish.

The 'Fxcked Up' video opening moments show KnuckS, and Sam Wise cooped up in their respective rooms. Each artist utilises their time indoors to articulate themselves, before making their way onto the streets. KnuckS ventures out with a mobile phone, whilst Sam Wise relies on a compass for company. This generational stereotype proves poignant when the two musicians meet.

KnuckS', and Sam Wise's paths collide, with a 'DeLorean' seeming to be the magnetised meeting spot. In Sam Wise's opening speech, he explains that "too many want to be my friend so they can capitalise. They snake you once, they can do it a thousand times", and that "sometimes I feel to run away, pack my bags". With the 'DeLorean' present, Sam Wise's wish has been granted, and perhaps he will go back to the future.

Throughout the remainder of their time together, the chemistry between KnuckS, and Sam Wise is both apparent, and highly infectious. It is hard to watch the second half of the video without a beaming smile being cemented on your face; this itself is highly compelling, and carves a strong attachment between artist, and viewer. For this reason alone, 'Fxcked Up' is the well worthy winner of our sought after accolade.

Whilst our opinion holds substantial value, it is imperative that you watch 'Fxcked Up', and make your own, informed judgement. To watch, simply click on the image below:

As always, thanks for reading, stay motivated, and stay safe - DiSCOVERY 💽🖤

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