DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - Reality

After discovering 'NSJ Mali' a number of months back, we have kept a focused retina on the young lyricist's activity, all in the hope of one day annotating his artistic flair; this day has come.

We first stumbled upon NSJ Mali's 'BL@CKBOX' freestyle, which is somewhat reminiscent of the historical performance from a young, raw, and resentful 'Dave' back in 2015 - we do not make this comparison lightly. Having been blown away by the quality of the 'BL@CKBOX' spectacle, we set sail on a voyage to anchor our attention on anything NSJ Mali related. There is a host of impressive destinations.

The most impressive of all NSJ Mali's content is his 'Reality' visual masterpiece. Directed by 'Nelson Ilori', 'Reality' was released via 'YouTube' on the 19th of March 2020, and has since accrued 12,592 views - an impressive number considering NSJ Mali's relative infancy in the industry. For these reasons, NSJ Mali claims the DiSCOVERY 'Video Of The Week'.

'Reality' itself is a conscious collection of catastrophic situations which are present in NSJ Mali's life. What is supremely impressive about 'Reality' is the fact that it feels as if your are reading an insightful, gripping, and moving novel, walking each step of the way with NSJ Mali.

The first chapter of the 'Reality' story sees NSJ Mali portray pain in the purest form - he artistically explains that his musical mission is fuelled directly by his peers who have been sentenced to incarceration for life. NSJ Mali is quick to challenge the stereotype of being "gangsters with no heart" and convincingly states "they would change their minds quick if they ever knew our pasts".

NSJ Mali goes on to explain that "the ends is a maze, and I'm trying to find a way out". It is crystal clear that NSJ Mali sees music as his X-ray goggles, and has strong belief that it will guide him out of the aforementioned 'maze' which is of course the streets. Once you have listened to the totality of 'Reality' you too will share NSJ Mali's belief that his music will levitate him out of the estate, and into a penthouse full of plaques.

As touched upon in the previous paragraphs, NSJ Mali is an exceptional story-teller, and 'Reality' is an uncompromising display that proves rap music can be upper echelon with very few complex punchlines. 'Reality' is 3 minutes, and 43 seconds of straight talking, storytelling rhymes, with no hook, or chorus; if this is not proof enough that storytelling can be engrossing, nothing will be.

We are absolutely convinced that NSJ Mali will 'blow up' in the very near future. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you click here, to view 'Reality', and then migrate onto his alternative content. By doing so, when NSJ Mali is performing at the O2, and headlining festivals, you will be able to say "I knew him when he had 12k views".

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