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Another supreme performance from 'Artan' on his most recent visual spectacle, which is branded 'Sing Along' sees the North-London based, versatile vocalist secure his 3rd DiSCOVERY award - this time in the form of our 'Video Of The Week' accolade. Few artists can boast this impressive record, which is of ultimate testimony to Artan's captivating, creative ability.

'Sing Along' premiered on 'YouTube', on the 20th of August 2020, coming just in excess of a month after the July-released Artan gem 'Uncomfortable'. In a mere 19 days, 'Sing Along' has secured 71,180 views, an impressive number by anyone's standards, and even more so when accounting for the fact that this traffic has been organically generated, through Artan's personal 'You Tube' channel.

We strongly believe this extensive, initial view count is a result of 3 elements that work together, in fluid, yin-yang-like harmony, throughout the 4 minute, and 10 second 'Sing Along' short-film. 1) raw, relatable lyrics, 2) an extremely engaging chorus, 3) the multi-dimensional movie.

One of the main, underlying factors that distances Artan from any 'competitor' in the same field is his fusion of phenomenal-sounding, heartfelt harmonies, and soberingly serious sentences. Whilst there are absolutely artists in the industry that can challenge the high quality Artan vocals, few can challenge Artan's transparent pen-work. To portray this perspective, please see some quotes from 'Sing Along' below:

"Been like 100 times I've had to see my mother cry. Had thoughts of suicide when I heard that my brother died, I failed to build a time machine to take me to another life"

"Maybe I should learn my lesson, learning how to swerve depression, trying hard to search for blessings, figured out my words are weapons; fighting through the walls of many man, and if I win the battle anybody can, that's what I never understand"

"School friends were happy and I wondered why, some year 8 called me fat, I went on a hunger strike. Why too affected by opinion, too neglected from the system, too protected from my vision."

It goes without saying that the quotations detailed above put the seriousness of 'Sing Along' into crystal clear context, but what is even more serious is how highly-relatable these lines are to many individuals across the UK. Artan harnesses the power of this relatability to create a catchy chorus, that is destined for the live stage. Please see the 'Sing Along' hook below:

"And sometimes I get high and my dreams are sort of mad. I’m losing time to chase the bag, all I'm thinking about is things I've never had. And I need some patience, I’m really trying to get all this off. I always tell myself it's never my fault. And if you can relate, listen to this song, go: Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho, Huh-ho huh-ho"

Finally, 'Henry Oliver' directed visuals concisely ice the 3 tiered 'Sing Along' cake. The scene is set in the familiar Artan setting of a dusk-filled room, where he is accompanied by nothing, other than a masked DJ, and a microphone. The remainder of the 'Sing Along' video sees Artan nonchalantly pedal a 'Chopper' round a field, and most unusually of all, floating on a blow-up lilo, in a lake, fully clothed, with his sorry 'Jordans' half-submerged.

Fun fact, Artan advised fans that whilst on the lake, he was chased by a snake, and narrowly escaped with his life. This video is simply great, and does absolute justice to what would be a phenomenal stand-alone track, we strongly suggest you view it by clicking here.

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