DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - Whym I High?

To conclude DiSCOVERY's first week in operation, Artan claims his second DiSCOVERY accolade by winning the 'Video Of The Week' with the stripped back, yet immensely powerful 'Whym I High?' short film. The stunningly simple footage accompanies what is widely considered to be the pinnacle of Artan's debut mixtape - Chasing Dragons.

The 'Whym I High?' video opens in a rustic and somewhat nostalgic manner, especially for more mature viewers, with a tastefully populated clapper-board (🎬). Astute fans possessing 20/20 vision may have noticed that rather than the clapper-board advising the Director which roll of film is in use, it instead portrays a message, perhaps aimed at viewers, urging them to roll something of a different variety.

As is typical of a clapper-board scene opening, an "action" cry is let out, a cry which for many dedicated Artan followers, likely sounds familiar. There is good reason for this sense of Déjà vu. The 'Whym I High?' footage is in many ways like a younger sibling to another visual Artan release named 'Falling'. The two videos share a similar style and as mentioned, stripped back nature.

Whilst the 'Whym I High?' and 'Falling' videos share undeniable similarities throughout their durations, the introductions are especially like identical twins. This is more powerfully explained through the use of image so please cast your eyes on the below:

Whilst on the topic of similarities, both 'Whym I High?' and 'Falling' are immensely popular Artan videos. Although 'Falling' is at present Artan's most viewed piece of film on YouTube with 306,710 views since 2nd December 2019, 'Whym I High?' is hot on it's heals with 133,715 views, in just 12 days.

If you are yet to indulge in the 'Whym I High?' video, I strongly suggest that you click here and together, we can ensure that 'Falling's' younger sibling steals the bragging rights in the Artan house.

If, like me, 'Whym I High?' left you wanting more Artan, click here to read through DiSCOVERY's Chasing Dragons review and from there, you will be able to dedicate your valuable time to the very best of Artan's masterpiece of a mixtape.

Thanks for reading - Lawrie

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