DiSCOVERY Video Of The Week - Yesterday

To conclude another DiSCOVERY week, full of success, and sublime artists, Brighton-based lyricist 'Taff' collects the 'Video Of The Week' accolade, which is credited to his latest, vibrant visual release - 'Yesterday'.

Released in the oxygen-starved embers of April 2020, the 'Yesterday' video is a conscious 1 year anniversary celebration of Taff's '1997' project, which paved the way for the 'Yesterday' video. The 'Yesterday' audio alone featured as the very first segment of Taff's 7 piece '1997' project puzzle.

As an artist, Taff draws brain engaging influence from a variation of directions, however, when solely analysing the 'Yesterday' short film, it is crystal clear that Taff's love, and appreciation for 'J Cole' has been injected into the concise creative direction.

Getting even more granular, the saturated frames, and vivid, eye-engaging colours featured throughout Taff's 'Yesterday' masterpiece movie, are reminiscent of those concealed in J Cole's phenomenal 'False Prophets' film.

The J Cole impact does not cease there. A substantial portion of the 'Yesterday' visual pie sees Taff peacefully perched on the peak of an elegantly gliding vehicle, whilst reciting his poetical phenomenon. This element of the 'Yesterday' video corresponds directly to J Cole's 'Everybody Dies' short film. This J Cole influence amalgamation comes across with outstanding power in Taff's 'Yesterday' spectacle.

Although the 'Yesterday' visuals are expertly thought out and executed, the subtlety of the special-effects diverts the onus onto Taff's diverse, lightning-like delivery, fantastic flows, and wondrous word-play. This is immensely impressive.

For those hearing Taff for the first time, what is most exciting is the fact that the 'Yesterday' video is merely and appetiser for the mouthwatering 'Taff' main meal. Once you have watched 'Yesterday', and grown accustom to Taff's impeccable rhymes, we are certain you will be left wanting more. Good news, there is a plethora of Taff material to tap into.

As touched upon above, the 'Yesterday' vocals, and visuals were propelled into the universe by Taff's second project in just two years - '1997', which is a collaborative effort with South-coast sound extraordinaire 'Guami'.

We strongly suggest that you listen to the totality of '1997', as you will not be disappointed, far from it. Once familiar with '1997', should you want Taff dessert, his debut EP 'My Element' will complete a pallet-appreciative audio feast. To listen to the entirety of Taff's discography, click here. To watch the 'Yesterday' video, click here, or on the album artwork at the top.

As always, thanks for reading, and once you have watched the above, please comment your thoughts in the section below, or of course, on our Instagram profile.


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