DiSCOVERY X Mentivity - The Strategic Partnership

In late March 2020, I, Lawrie Wilson (Founder of DiSCOVERY Rap), was advised by my employer of 3 years that I was being placed on a government scheme, which was branded 'furlough'; this was of course a direct result of COVID-19 - a disease which has affected so many. At the time, the word 'furlough', and it's connotations meant little to nothing to me, however, as the weeks and months passed, it became clear that 'furlough' should, in my case, directly translate to 'opportunity'.

I have always been a hugely ambitious, enterprising, and entrepreneurial individual, however, I have also always struggled to uncover the 'right idea' - an idea that I am unwaveringly passionate about, and one that is worth putting everything into. Being on furlough presented me with this idea and the opportunity to pursue it.

Since my early teens I have had an intense love affair with rap music, and during my late teens, to present, a particularly strong attraction to UK, underground rap music. With this in mind, when the opportunity to exercise my entrepreneurial excellence came, it made complete sense to carve an opening for myself in the music industry, placing a specific focus on the rap genre. This is when 'DiSCOVERY' was born.

DiSCOVERY initially began by publishing written reviews on 'projects', 'tracks', and 'videos', however, as we have grown, we have ventured into the visual world with our 'DiSCOVERY INTERViEWS' series, but this is just the start. Our 5 year plan consists of many exciting projects that we will execute, however, our main, non-negotiable goal is to be the 'GRM Daily' / 'SBTV' / 'Link Up TV' of the underground world, and to aid disadvantaged youths in the process.

With the burning desire to exercise our conscious, youth-assisting plan sooner rather than later, we had a strategic vision to produce fashionable football jerseys, and to engage a phenomenal charity. This charity would feature as the shirt sponsor, and as a result, benefit from gaining every penny of the profits from the shirt sales. All we needed to do to execute our vision was to engage, and allocate the right charity; this would have to be a charity who shared our hunger, and desire. This did not take long.

After a few days of trawling though the internet in search of a glove-like fit of a charity, one night I found myself on an 'Instagram Live' stream which was titled 'Isolation Talks', and being broadcasted by an organisation called 'Mentivity'. After enjoying an engaging conversation between Mentivity CEO, Sayce Holmes-Lewis, and COO, Leon Wright, I immediately began to do my research on Mentivity, and after reading the below, I was sold:

"Mentivity is an inspirational mentoring organisation and alternative educational provision. We provide support for young people, schools and parents through 1:1 mentoring and group conversation-based learning, with the aim to foster greater educational attainment and engagement."

That very same evening, I contacted Mentivity via email, and detailed my concept to them. The next morning, I got a call from Sayce's assistant, who kindly advised me that Sayce himself had read my email, and was keen to have a conversation with me. Trying not to let my excitement radiate through the phone, I agreed a time and date to speak with Sayce.

The day of my conversation with Sayce arrived, and to say that the fit between DiSCOVERY and Mentivity was 'glove-like' would be an understatement. Myself, and Sayce quickly agreed that we needed to make the 'fashionable football' jersey idea become a reality, and to do so, Sayce immediately involved his business partners: Tyson Holmes-Lewis, and Leon Wright once again. After one formal group meeting, the partnership was agreed, and I got to work with haste.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the 'fashionable football' jersey idea has become a reality. This smooth process of vision to its physical equivalent was a result of burning desire backed by faith, and a meticulous plan which was executed. By purchasing a DiSCOVERY X Mentivity football jersey, not only will you be the envy of your friends, but you will also be funding the support for disadvantaged youths; with your support, they too will manifest their deepest desires.

To register your interest in buying a shirt, email: with the subject 'DiSCOVERY x Mentivity Football Jersey'. There is a very, very limited number of these jerseys, so if you are interested, and want to show your support, do not hesitate to email over now!

Thanks for reading,

Lawrie Wilson, Founder - DiSCOVERY Rap

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