February Project Of The Month - T-House

After a month away from publishing articles, we are charged up and ready to return to the rap lounge in order to review yet another project. Our bad habits have been left in the dungeon and we are now ready to dissect 'T-House' by Newham-based artist 'TiZ East'.

'T-House' was released on the 20th November 2020 and represents TiZ East's third project release from the aforementioned year; this is work rate that could be likened to the ethic needed to make a 'T-House' occupation financially fruitful. Whether this concept was intentional or not, it remains powerful.

TiZ East blesses listeners with five high-grade tracks on T-House, which equates to a euphoric 11 minutes and 29 seconds of listening. What is so impressive about the frankly brief 'T-House' collection of tracks is the multitude of moods it creates.

The intro, 'Rap Lounge', is a vibey, scene-setting, but somewhat serious song; the expertly rapped rhymes deliver a striking, yet comfortably digestible description of TiZ East's life. This is an approach attempted by all, yet executed by few. TiZ East ticks the intro box here with un-erasable ink.

Following 'Rap Lounge' in the 'T-House' track list is, in our opinion, the strongest segment of the whole project, 'Chargy'. If TiZ East continues to produce songs of this echelon, one thing is for certain - he will very soon "stop trappin', get legit". The thing we are infatuated by when it comes to 'Chargy' is how appropriate it is regardless of situation. Play 'Chargy' in the wagon, at an event, whilst on a run, the list goes on; name a scenario, 'Chargy' is absolutely suited.

As you cross the mid-way point of the 'T-House' line-up and approach the depths of the project, you will be met by 'The Dungeon' (Ft Timbo). Living up to its branding, 'The Dungeon' spectacle is eerie, unnerving and somewhat sinister, but in a good way. TiZ East and Timbo combine effortlessly on 'The Dungeon' to create something really quite special.

The penultimate 'T-House' track is 'Bad Habits' (Ft Moelogo), an anthem which has been infecting the streets with good vibes during a highly contagious and negative period. The sumptuous 'Bad Habits' visuals have now surpassed 200,000 views, and the audio has been broadcasted across the country by leading DJ's on leading Radio Stations; when you listen to 'Bad Habits', you will see why.

The curtain closing title track, 'T-House', is brief yet enlightening, emotive and genuinely excellent. On the 'T-House' track, TiZ East poetically stakes his claim as the 'realest':

  • "Beg you @ TiZ East if you're talking the realest, really been in the field, I've seen snakes, gorillas"

Whilst many claim the sought after spot of the 'realest', do some research on TiZ East's background and you will agree with his self proclaimed title.

With the above synopses fresh in your mind, it is time to rate the individual 'T-House' tracks using a simple five star system:

Rap Lounge - 🌟🌟🌟

Chargy - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Dungeon - 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Bad Habits - 🌟🌟🌟🌟

T-House - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Average rating - 4.2

Track Of The Project - 'Chargy'

As mentioned when writing directly about 'Chargy', we feel that it is a step ahead from the other 'T-House' situated 'TiZ East tracks, and for this reason, it had to be our 'Track Of The Project'. This said, 'T-House' on a whole is incredible, and each moment deserves your undivided attention. Click here to listen, now!

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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