February Track Of The Month - Differences

Clearly aiming to create change through authentic artistry, South-London based teenage prodigy, C4Truth, claims our February Track Of The Month; this award is presented in appreciation of C4Truth's sobering first official release, 'Differences'.

Regardless of age, there is a select number of topics which are challenging conversational concepts; these topics are things like mental-health, weight-related bullying, and death. C4Truth powerfully projects his honest feelings on such themes throughout 'Differences', and by doing so opens the door for others experiencing similar demons to do the same.

Although a death focused discussion may be emotional at any age, it is certainly more intense at just 16 years old. With this in mind, C4Truth's exceptionally articulated thoughts on the subject become even more admirable. See a quote from 'Differences' below to help set the heart-wrenching scene:

"I'm seeing deaths at a young age on the socials and quickly making phone calls to my loved ones to re-insure."

After poetically slaying the death discussion point, C4Truth focuses his attention on assassinating mental-health related issues which stem from courtyard taunts exposing his weight. Again, the best way to put this into perspective is to detail C4Truth's incredible words below:

"I don't think you're understanding what I'm going through, I don't think you're understanding what it means to me to go to school, people call me obese and then the crowd starts laughing at me, I have to live with it."

Whilst tackling important and under-aired issues is commendable, doing so in an a concise, captivating and eloquent fashion is what is most impressive. This is exactly what C4Truth achieves with the 'Differences' song spectacle. Fascinating flows, delicious delivery and mammoth meaning is what you can expect from listening to 'Differences', and this is just the start.

We are proud for C4Truth of his first ever official release and know that this is just the start for a youthful individual who oozes potential. To listen to 'Differences' now, click here.

Thanks - DiSCOVERY

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