January Track Of The Month - Tokyo Freestyle

The DiSCOVERY 'Track Of The Month' January Edition is claimed by brown liquor sipper, 'AntsLive'; our prestigious award is presented to AntsLive in honour of his most recent release, 'Tokyo Freestyle', which is a stunning gem from AntsLive's limited library.

Whilst AntsLive's catalogue is not as densely populated as the city he is rapping about on the song of topic, the vast levels of talent are apparent to digest for all listeners. After listening to 'Tokyo Freestyle' you will, like us, be convinced AntsLive is 'next-up', and that he will soon be signing six figure deals.

What impresses us the most about AntsLive's 'Tokyo Freestyle' is the rare amalgamation of a heavy, raw, drill-style beat with non-violent lyrics. Whilst drill is a phenomenal genre and an incredible platform for troubled artists to express their lifestyles on, it is refreshing to hear more positive vocal verses on such a speaker-shattering instrumental.

An example of the positive lyrics we refer to can be found below:

  • "Conversate with a label, I can't do no five figure deals cos bro put six on the table. I can't shake this vision, I gotta stay winning, I gotta stay faithful."

Although some may question the 'positivity' of these words, you have to dig deeper to discover the real, intended meaning of this particular sentence and the same goes for the totality of 'Tokyo Freestyle'. In our opinion, AntsLive is saying here that he is not willing to settle for mediocre industry deals because he knows the true value of his art; in order to actualise his worth he knows he has to say persistent and full of faith.

Subjective interpretation is one of the many beautiful things about music on a whole, but is incredibly prominent in rap music. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to listen to 'Tokyo Freestyle' right now, and make your own mind up.

Having listened to AntsLive for a moderate amount of time now, it is noticeable that he is 'cut from a different cloth' regardless of the fact he may wear the same fabrics as others. The combination of the young superstar's effortless, yet powerful delivery, intelligent wordplay and understated uniqueness is incredibly striking. We see big things on the horizon for AntsLive.

Be a part of his come-up now by clicking here!

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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