January Video Of The Month - Different

In truth, there have been many videos released recently that deserve our attention, however, NSJ Mali's 'Different' visuals are on a, well, different level. Therefore 'Different' is the rightly crowned victor of the DiSCOVERY 'January Video Of The Month' title.

Released just five days ago, on January 29th, via NSJ Mali's personal channel, 'Different' has already accrued in excess of 20,000 views - this puts the outrageously outstanding quality of the 'Different' cinematic spectacle into clear perspective. This short-movie would even impress Steven Spielberg.

'Different' is directed, filmed and edited by the notorious 'Suave', who are responsible for the likes of Fredo's, D-Block Europe's, and K Trap's videos, amongst many other industry leading artists'. Suave's upper echelon experience seems to have proved invaluable and directly responsible for a substantial increase in visual quality on 'Different' when compared to older Mali releases.

The most impressive thing about the 'Different' film is its complete cohesion to the lyrics. If you didn't know, now you do - Mali is one of, if not the most god gifted storytelling rap artist there is in the UK at present, which of course means it is imperative his music videos portray an equally powerful and concise narrative. This is achieved on 'Different'.

The song scene is set initially by Mali strolling with intent towards the studio whilst a phone call recording is broadcasted in the background. Poignantly, Mali wears a 'Time Is Money' hoodie, implying that he does not intend to delay his inevitable rise to the top; this subtle visual hint is backed up by Mali's opening line:

  • "How many songs will I make till I'm classed as a great"

The above is just one of many examples of a harmonious marriage between visuals and vocals on the 'Different' video; to dissect them all would spoil the fun of watching the complete piece of work, which is the last thing we want to do, so we will stop deciphering the storyline here.

To close, whilst we have of course presented Mali with the DiSCOVERY 'January Video Of The Month' in honour of a phenomenal, aesthetically pleasing piece of content, the most impressive thing about the 'Different' video is Mali's lyrics and Colgate-clean vocal delivery. It seems that even when you commission arguably the most sought after videographer in the industry, Mali's music is still the focal point of impression. This is our biggest compliment of all.

We have worked with Mali closely over the last six months and have, as a result, had the pleasure of watching him and his music grow at an incredible rate. We are proud for him of this piece of art. Click here to experience it for yourself.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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