March Track Of The Month - No Stopping

The DiSCOVERY 'March Track Of The Month' is awarded to 'Nino SLG', who certainly took the brakes off when recording 'No Stopping', and as a result has driven a phenomenal-sounding track into listeners' eardrums.

Nino has only been present within the industry for a matter of months, since 27 November 2020 to be specific, but has already demonstrated that he is in the house and has every intention of invading the scene; we are projecting that this invasion will occur sooner rather than later.

An artistic ability that very few individuals possess is being able to project melodic, yet real rap rhymes - Nino showcases this exact quality in abundance throughout 'No Stopping'. This is an attribute that sets him apart from many of his peers.

As a result of having a mesmerising melodious tone, it is easy to miss the majority of Nino's deeper messages, which is absolutely criminal, and for this reason, we are going to decipher some of the real rap riddles enclosed in 'No Stopping' in the coming paragraphs.

Nino starts the 'No Stopping' spectacle by venting "If you don't get it right, you're getting left" and goes on to project "people want my heart and want my soul but I don't feel the love".

Aside from the initial quote holding outstanding wordplay value, the deeper message is abundantly clear - Nino feels that certain individuals are attempting to ride his wave, however, if he does not feel that the love is pure, he will leave those individuals in his wake.

Another message in 'No Stopping' which can be taken more at face value, but is equally as powerful is: "money is the route of all the evil that we witness, you can fake your life but we won't see it in your pictures". From our perspective, what Nino is elegantly explaining here is that money has the ability to mask internal pain, and that pictures are far from an accurate representation of real life - this phrase is incredibly poignant with the potential destructive nature of social media.

The issues we have detailed and drilled into above are just the tip of the 'No Stopping' iceberg - to chip away and melt down every message would see this article become an essay. This said, it is important to bring your attention to the fact that Nino is expressing his thoughts on mature discussion points at the hard-to-believe age of 15 years old! This makes 'No Stopping' that bit more impressive.

Overall, 'No Stopping' is a must listen for all - everyone will take something different from their 2 minute and 58 second experience, however, all will turn their speakers off more educated than they were prior to digesting Nino's incredible content. To listen to 'No Stopping', simply click here.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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