March Video Of The Month - We Had Nothing

March's movie of the month, 'We Had Nothing', directed by 'Maralee' and performed by 'Skeamer' simply has everything, and as a result is the deserved winner of the visual focused DiSCOVERY trophy; we hope after claiming our prestigious award that Skeamer has a toast up.

Released on 26th March 2021, 'We Had Nothing' has accrued an admirable 287,000+ views on YouTube via GRM Daily's channel. The aforementioned analytics become far more astonishing once you have digested 'We Had Nothing' in full - Skeamer is not attempting to surf a trap wave, or piggyback a drill surge; instead he is riding his own real rap rollercoaster and is ascending at the same rate as Thorpe Park's 'Stealth'. Soon Skeamer will too be world famous.

The 'We Had Nothing' anthem itself conveys a constant comparison between Skeamer's younger years and his current lifestyle, which is highlighted from the get-go with the memorable hook ("I remember when we had nothing, how shits changed, from hand-me-down clothes to the big stage"). This vivid contrast is captured to perfection in the 'We Had Nothing' video.

It seems the concept of the 'We Had Nothing' short film is to cleverly showcase snippets from Skeamer's historic day-to-day dealings, whilst present day Skeamer narrates the movie - this approach of course directly correlates to the song, which is incredibly powerful.

Whilst the idea illustrated above at face value seems straightforward, it is the small details which elevate the visual excellence even higher. For us, one of the most sobering moments of the video is when Skeamer projects "I couldn't burn my clothes, I had to keep my sweater, if I burnt my clothes I won't survive the weather" whilst gripping his £1,335 'Moncler' jacket. Skeamer's coat is perhaps poignantly in a shade of blue to signify the need for him to wash away the deep routed pain that still infects him.

This clothing-based comparison method continues as the 'We Had Nothing' video progresses, but the next part we picked up on is induced with irony. Skeamer elegantly delivers "the things that I've seen I can't repeat that, the things that I've done I can't repeat that, I could've got life but I beat that, damn, yeah I beat that" which is clearly addressing past sins, and all of this is spoken whilst wearing a 'Palm Angels' t-shirt. Whether this is intentional or coincidence, it is worth pondering.

Whilst this article is purely focused on the amalgamation of visuals and vocals, we wanted to briefly emphasise Skeamer's outrageously cold, controlled and captivating flow. In an era which seems to be revolving around skippy, fast moving flows, Skeamer showcases that a measured, crisply delivered flow offers the same impact, if not an increased one. This unique approach is what makes Skeamer such a special artist and is largely why we are writing this piece of content.

Overall, musically, visually and as a combination, 'We Had Nothing' is a masterpiece that all should engage with. To do so, simply click here.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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