May Track Of The Month - My Way

Birmingham based artist, 'Simmy Stacks', blissfully delivers vibe enhancing words on 'My Way', and by doing so cements his first ever DiSCOVERY award in the form of our 'Track Of The Month'.

'My Way' was published on January 10th 2021 and understandably represented Simmy Stacks' first release of the new year. As with all things in life, it is important to set a strong tone at the beginning of any significant allotment of time, and this is precisely what Simmy Stacks has accomplished with 'My Way'; a truly mesmerising track.

The song, 'My Way', itself consists of a concise 2 minutes 16 seconds of musical mastery and after listening, it will be clear to you that Simmy Stacks is fixated on "taking his shot, trying to build like Fortnite". If music of similar quality to 'My Way' continues to be released, Simmy Stacks will soon win the battle and become a rap royal.

Without question our favourite element of 'My Way' is the amalgamation of an immersive, diverse beat with the utterly unique and crisply delivered Simmy Stacks vocals. This is a powerful poetic potion.

The second most poignant piece of the 'My Way' puzzle is, in our opinion, the subtle yet intellectually impressive punchlines that Simmy Stacks consistently delivers. Our favourite of the plethora of punchlines we could've highlighted has been detailed below:

"Remember I was pushing lightweight, 'queue' after 'queue' like when you shop on Black Friday"

Overall, 'My Way' is a polished and exclusive feeling masterpiece - this sense of exclusivity, however, stems from the fact that Simmy Stacks' following is minute, which is an injustice to say the very least. With the aforementioned point in mind, please click here to begin following Simmy Stacks, and click here to listen to My Way.

Thanks for reading - DiSCOVERY

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