Songer Radiates Heat Through Listeners’ Ears On New Album - The Sunrise Project

Released just four days ago, on 3rd September 2021, Songer’s latest body of work, ‘The Sunrise Project’, has already made a significant industry impact, which is all the more impressive when you analyse what alternative albums it has been orbiting with.

‘The Sunrise Project’ was published just five days after the long-awaited ‘Donda’, by Kanye West, and on the identical day to Drake’s sensational, serenade-heavy, ‘Certified Lover Boy’; with this in mind, one would be forgiven for overlooking Songer’s lesser-known, lesser-promoted, and far lesser-financially-backed, ‘The Sunrise Project’, but this has not been the case.

In a somewhat similar fashion to the aforementioned ‘Certified Lover Boy’, it seems that large parts of ‘The Sunrise Project’ focus on a failing relationship, yet a relationship where the love remains unwavering. Tracks like ‘Without My Lover’, ‘Lemonade’, ‘I’d Rather You Cheat’ and others all share a similar, refreshing, but upsetting theme of two individuals growing apart and the connotations of such a scenario.

Those who have digested Songer’s discography in full will have grown to expect hard-to-decipher riddles in each and every element of the young star's work; you will not be disappointed by ‘The Sunrise Project’. In truth, the wordplay on show is bordering on too complex. The untrained ear will only appreciate merely half of the brilliance on show when listening to the 41 minutes and 9 seconds worth of lyrical excellence. This is a shame, but it is also the beauty of Songer’s work.

See one of our favourite, subtly delivered bars below:

  • “Now I’m isolated (ice elated), and I don’t mean gassed off a new chain” - (Morning Breath)

Whilst one may have expected wizard-like wordplay from Songer on ‘The Sunrise Project’, few would of anticipated the softly delivered vocals that engulf you during the dramatic listening experience, and particularly not such vocals over a sumptuous, liquid drum and bass instrumental. You can now expect the unexpected, especially when playing ‘Look At The Clouds’.

To summarise, ‘The Sunrise Project’ is utterly incredible, and without hesitation we would argue that it is far superior to both ‘Dream Workz’ and ‘Lyrics for Sanity’ which is saying something. Overall, from production to delivery, to conceptual strength, to lyrical value, everything is perfectly polished - it really feels like an ‘album’, and a serious album at that.

So, with all the above in mind, stop what you are doing, right now, and click here to listen to ‘The Sunrise Project’.

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